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Vision starts here

Transform your space effortlessly in just 3 simple steps.


Share your vision with us


Purchase the items from the design.

Send us photos, drafts, or measurements of your space, and tell us about your needs.
Get the complete visualization and information of your project, along with the shopping list for the selected items in your design directly from the stores and suppliers.


We will have a brief meeting where we establish the guidelines to start designing a project that matches your vision and budget.

Get a personalized design

Quality interior design, taking care of your budget.

Discover our design packages, so you can buy the items from your city and implement the design by yourself. #worldwideservice

Pack #1
$650(USD) - $750(USD)

Areas between 20 sqm to 50 sqm

/215.28 ft² to 538.20 ft²

Delivery in 7 to 10 days.
$750USD) - $850(USD)
Pack #2

Areas between  51 sqm to 190 sqm /

548.96 ft² to 2045.14 ft²

$750(USD) - $1000(USD)
Delivery in 15 to 22 days.
$850USD) - $1100(USD)
Pack #3

Areas between 191 sqm to 400 sqm / 2055.91 ft² to 4305.56 ft²

$1000(USD) - $1500(USD)
Delivery in 25 to 30 days.
$1100USD) - $1700(USD)

*For areas larger than 400 sqm / 4305.56 Ft², we require a prior project review.
*Payment terms: 50% at the start o
f the design and 50% upon final delivery.

We make it simple for you, what does it include?

  • X2 Design style options through mood boards.

  • Interior design of all rooms /spaces within the described areas of our 3 packs. 

  • Distribution plans of the interior design and specifications.

  • Realistic 3D images of the applied design before any renovation.

  • Video tour of the interiors of the design.

  • Purchase all items from your design directly from the provided shopping list. We select the products so you can simply make the purchase.

  • X2 Meetings for consultations and follow-up of the project.

            "Transform your vision into reality. Let's discuss your project and bring it to life together!"

Fast delivery

Get your complete design within a matter of weeks.

Professional advice

Our team of professional architects will handle all the design and item selection for you, taking into account your needs and budget.

100% online service

No matter where in the world you are, we do all the work of finding the stores and suppliers in your city so you don't have to worry about the project implementation.

Shopping list with direct links to the suppliers.

From the 3D image to reality, we research and select the best suppliers in your city so that the pieces that make up the design remain exactly as in your space. Let us do the hard work for you.

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